Corey's Treatment

Hi guys!

This is the website with some ideas and references for Corey's story.

I'm glad to be able to tell this story as it is something I deeply connect with and believe it has a very powerfull message in it.

Alan and I had a call with Corey where he fed us with a lot of visual tools to better tell his story.

As a retired Marine, that has been through 3 warzones and worked to heal his mind in a Buddhist temple in Korea, he is full of memories and motivation to move forward.


Our film will have a strong focus on Corey's story.

He's been through a lot on his life and Freeletics together with meditation, his friends and his family support is helping him to overcome and maintain a healthy state of mind.

The film will be shot in chapters, giving the editors and you guys at Freeletics, the freedom to edit and tell his story the way you believe is the best. The cinematography of it will have some key elements to help to define these chapters and work as well as a transition from one subject to the other.

In general, we'll build his story from his memories.

He will guide us through what he's been and through his current state of mind and what he does to keep it balanced and healthy.

From his war experience to the first time he tried Freeletics and how he brought it to his family and friends will be the main core of our story.

A huge factor of this is the support he gets from his family and the Freeletics exercises & community, which gives him the adrenalin rush he needs. He always relates to Freeletic in a very positive and motivational point of view, something we intend to explore. 


Below in this treatment, you'll find how I envision to show the chapters of his life. The audio files contained in each chapter was taken from the talk Alan and I had with him.

All these chapters can work modularly and can be edited differently, depending on how we want to target his story. 

My main quest and concern with this piece are to have a meaningful storytelling line that culminates in a very motivating Freeletics message.

He is a crazy journey in his life and Freeletics plays a big role on it.




We see fast cuts of images about the subjects we will tackle throughout the film.

streets, woods, snow, training ground, traffic, restaurant with people, road.


We have a stablishing shot of Corey.

He is in a quiet place, meditating. His phone is close to him.

While the camera approaches him slowly, we hear his VO with one powerful sentence he had said in our interview.

As the camera gets closer to him, we are approaching more and more his eyes region.



We come back to Corey's meditation scene and we see that on his phone he has the Freeletics app on the meditation part open.

He opens his eyes.

_1st ACT


After war, he is affected mentally and physically by his experiences.

We see here how PTSD changed his life.


Corey talk us through his previous life experience.

Ex-Marine, went to war.

Some difficult moments he's been through.


This is the moment prior to a great crescendo.

He tell us his experience in Korean, where he lived with Buddhist monks, started practicing a Korean Martial Art and found out about Freeletics.

As he enters the Freletics subject, the music takes over and we have a training sequence.

_2nd ACT


Corey tell us about his love por bike and speed and how this gateway also helped him to overcome his past experiences (that way we remove the weight from freeletics only).


We come to Freeletics one more time, now showing his training with his family and also with some other people, to portrait the community he works out with.


We go deep into his family relationship and the support they give to him (also taking out the weight from Freeletics).

Wind Therapy and other subjects will be approached here.



Corey is hiding his bike with his daughter in a sunset - or sunrise - and he says "I own the road ahead"

we sign Freeletics This is my Journey.


To finish the film, we have a quick recap of Corey's journey, going through his difficulties to the moment of balance and happiness he is now.

It is a very motivational pieces, guided by his VO and a epic soundtrack.


I would like to share with you this reference. For me, it is the master reference for our film because:

          - portraits a very strong message, told in a gentle way.

         - it has very good examples of situations where the film itself is not able to recreate the story being told, so they create beautiful scenes where we hear the story and it still makes sense, although is not literally what he is saying.

       - it has some really nice portraits shots, something I would love to explore and create with Corey - such as tattoos, body scars, muscular body, his family.

          - The cinematography in general.

          - A strong positive message at the end.

          - it was shot during Winter.

Aesthetically I envision our film with this clean look, with a nice grain creating volume and giving organicity to the footage, combined with super8 footage. We can explore some still frames in the edit, as Lucho will be together with us on every moment.

Later on, below on this treatment, you'll find some other Cinematography suggestions and references.


Below you can hear a brief statement about what's been through and his condition now.

00:00 / 01:15


Two common symptoms of PTSD are:

1. avoid situations that remind of past events - such as crowded areas

2. have flashbacks of the events. 

I would like to propose a nice way to portrait these kinds of memories, filming fast movements in lower shutter speed.

This technique will help us having moments for fast cuts and to bridge from one chapter to the other in Corey's film.

Flashback and DreamsCorey
00:00 / 00:47
Restaurant SituationCorey
00:00 / 01:40

My idea is to film crowds on the city, in restaurants and on the streets using this technique. Also, have this "box" or "pile of trash" on the street to picture the flashback he mentions in Afghanistan. 

And finally, create some sort of "into the wild" situation with him, where he is shirtless on the woods whit snow surrounding him,showcasing the extreme conditions he has been.

Another technique discussed with Sebastian, the DoP, was to use vaseline and some nice prisms filters on the lenses to create a dreamy sensation.

I see this technique being used for poetic moments, where he talks about some triggers and how he positively handle them.

These are longer shots, where we create time to breathe and get the positive message he is trying to pass.

I have in mind one scene where we go from a very crowded place where he is into a desertic field.  In my mind he closes his eyes and when he opens it, he is alone. Voice Over will guide us through his message to empower this moment.

Triggers and Buddhist TempleCorey
00:00 / 01:15

I would like to use flowers to represent the "sound, color and smell" when he talks about his triggers. In my mind we have him with these flowers, smelling them and having a good sensation from it and after a few other cuts we see the same flowers on fire, to represent how everything can change and remind us to have a strong mindset.


He is very grateful for Freeletics.

The way he tells his beginning and his actual training is very passionate and this will give us a lot of room to fill his exercise footage in combination with a strong message.

He also commented that he trained a Korean martial art - I cannot understand the name of it - which is also something cool to showcase on the film.

For the Freeletics and the Korean Martian Art part, I would go with a clean look, so it can be used in a lot of different formats for Brand afterwards.

For the Korean Martial Art we could go more artistic in regards to music and edit, but in regards to how we film it, I would keep it clean.

I'm also very comfortable with the edit style and techiques you guys are already using on the edits of Hussain and Wonderboy, for example, so I'm definitely open to having fast cuts, animations, chromatic aberrations and everything throughout the film.

Beginning with FreeleticsCorey
00:00 / 00:37
Benefits of FreeleticsCorey
00:00 / 00:22
Korean Martial ArtCorey
00:00 / 00:11

The group that he trains now is not active users persay, but I'm sure we can make it look like it.

From what he says, they are used to the workouts and also are a very diverse group - male, female, young...

The group that he trains now is not active users persay, but I'm sure we can make it look like it.

From what he says, they are used to the workouts and also are a very diverse group - male, female, young...

Group TrainingCorey
00:00 / 00:24


After Corey left the Marines he became a BMW Technician. He loves bikes and for him, ridigin his motorbikes are like a therapy. He calls it "WIND THERAPY".

We could explore some nice images here, to create speed and cuts between chapters. The "Wind Therapy" thing is very powerful and can give us lots of nice visuals to play with in the edit.

Corey's bikes.

Wind TherapyCorey
00:00 / 00:31
His Bikes and ride with DaughterCorey
00:00 / 00:22


He said something that marked me on the call, that he "lost the sense of self". So, I would say, that "The Journey of Self Awareness" would be a nice title for Corey's story, in case you are thinking about having that :)

Sense of SelfCorey
00:00 / 00:09

I hope that with this treatment it's easier to digest what I have in mind for this project.

I'm super excited with this opportunity and I'm very open to your thoughts and suggestions about what I explained above.

I'll leave you with some other references that I believe would fit to the style I envision for this, both storytelling wise and cinematography wise.



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