On times where processes are leaner and the distance between creator and consumer is shortened, I designed my career on the mix between production and creation.

Because of that, I'm a director able to pick up a concept and transform it into a film without all the traditional production steps we're used to. In fact, very often I'm part of the creation process, something that is more and more requested by clients and agencies.

I built that profile working as a videomaker at a media channel, MTV Brasil, followed by being an editor in a production company. When coming to Germany, I was the director and the editor of the new content team inside a sports startup, Freeletics. And after that, came to Havas, an advertising agency in Dusseldorf, to be part on the creation of their in-house production company.

I always seek to bring to life meaningful messages relating brands to real people's stories.

/ Director

/ Film Editor

/ DoP


“You have to die a few times before you can really live.”
― Charles Bukowski

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