Personal Projects

Poética III

An experimental film composed of B rolls shots from a commercial shoot in Miami put together with the beats from Brasilastrut and the poetry of Vinícius de Moraes.

Director, Editor, Grading: Marcelo Alves

Soundtrack: Brasilastrut

Shoot with Kodak Super8 200T

Year: 2019

A Dream That I Wondered // Vertical Film

A psychedelic oneiric trip at Oktoberfest.
When the chaos is your heaven and you know you are living something that will never repeat again.

Director, Editor, Grading: Marcelo Alves

Soundtrack: Combustion Studio

Year: 2018

Gratefulness // A short film about love

A very intimate piece.

Shot on iPhone.

Director: Marcelo Alves

Year: 2015

300 Sunset Party Aftermovie

Director: Marcelo Alves

Cameras: Marcelo Alves and Matheus Figueredo

Motion Grapher: Rodrigo Tavares

Year: 2015

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