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Nemus - Save the NFT

Directing / DP: Marcelo Alves

Local Producer: Luck Aragão

Sound: Thiago Gautério

Editing / Grading: Marcelo Alves

Agency: Jung Von Matt

Creatives: Felix Burger, Lars Grübler, Tiago Beltrame, Nian He, Yago Guimarães, and Sebastian Besendorf.

Reporter's Voice: Samela Lauz

Special Thanks to: Flávio, Bianca, Bernardo, Carly, Ciro, Ricardo, Horácio, Jaílson, Prego, Caio, Jefte and Charlie.

Being isolated from the rest of the world, local communities in the Amazon want to grab the attention of the NFT hype to bring awareness to the only real irreplaceable and unique thing we have: the Rainforest.

This documentary showcases an intimate and unprecedented reality about the Amazonians' relationship with Earth.

Save the Non-Fungible Territory.




This project is what defines a Run and Gun production. Together one local producer, Marcelo went to an area in the Amazon Rainforest with the lowest HDI in Brazil and filmed for 5 days the lives of those who live in a forgotten corner of the planet.

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