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Porsche - Recode The Race

Agency: Proximity BBDO

Director / DP: Marcelo Alves

Producer: Pedro Ramos

Camera Assistant: Luca Oltenau

Gaffer: Mica

Editor: Julian Eduardo, Marcelo Alves & James O'Sullivan

Sound: Thiago Gautério

Grading: Marla Grading

Creative Director: Steven Tyler

Year: 2021

Porsche's Recode The Race campaign announces the launch of the very first Esport Team from Porsche.

With the task of showcasing individual characteristics that build the skills to be a successful SIM Racer, we portray Mitchel DeJong, Mack Bakkum, Josh Rogers, and Tommy Østgaard. 

The importance of Strategy, a Strong Mindset, a Fitness Body, and the Experience of Real Racing, compounds the Recode The Race message throughout the films.


In a super lean crew set up, we had 5 shooting days at Weissach, in the Porsche Development Facilities, to film everything to announce their launch.


Driver's stories trailer

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