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Corey Lohr - This is My Journey

Director: Marcelo Alves
Director of Photography: Sebastian Vellrath
1st AC: Philipp Henke
Editors: Marcelo Alves, Kim Enzo
Sound: Luke Hester
Colour Grading: Marcelo Alves
Creative Director: Guillaume D. Champeau
Executive Producer: Ruben Elstner
Producer: Sabrina Gaber
Still Photographer: Lucho Vidales

Corey Lohr isn’t an athlete. 

His medals won’t tell you about championships or personal records. They are witnesses of bravery for others.
They tell you stories about the places he’s been to and the things he saw. Some of that still haunts him.

He finds himself in darkness, battling his deepest demons and decides not to stay down, but to stand up. 
He doesn't do it to win gold, but to win life. 

Corey isn’t an athlete. He’s also not a soldier anymore. But he is still a fighter. And this is his story. 

louros amarelo.png

YDA Nominee.

Short Listed at the Cannes Young Directors Awards

louros amarelo.png

New York Festivals Nominee.

Short Listed at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards

louros amarelo.png

Berlin Commercial Nominee.

Short Listed at Berlin Commercial

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